SmileBeams – A sunny day, a glass half full, a choice to catch a ride with the wave and enjoy the feeling of being carried along.  SmileBeams are continually available to catch a ride with.  Look in a mirror there’s one already there.  They can be sent out to others or received.  If the eyes are the window to the soul the mouth is the window to the body.  It’s hard to have a smile when your mouth is not feeling comfortable or looking right. At Smile Depot we focus on you; your mouth its comfort, appearance, function and maintenance of health.

Remember – Lets go back in time.  Choose a time when you were growing up that you recall really smiling.  An experience you remember which brings a smile to your face right now. If you do not recall anything right now its okay to make something up. Focus your attention on this memory. Are you smiling?    The feeling of your smiling face is the start of your own SmileBeam .  Remember its there.  At the Smile Depot we focus on you.  We help uncover and restore whatever your mouth needs to let your smile beam out.